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20 Common Furnace Problems & Repairs

Furnace Problems & Repairs: At the beginning of every year, people living in Canada expect the temperatures to fall and range between 0ºC to about -23ºC. Well, this will depend on where you live. Therefore, the heating system is very vital to the comfort of your home. But problems can disrupt this comfort and require urgent repairs or even replacement. Here are the 20 common furnace problems and repairs.

  • Lack of maintenance

If you do not schedule regular maintenance and inspections that can identify issues in the furnace, there is a high risk of breakdowns. Make sure to carry routine inspections and fix issues before they become full-blown problems.

  • Dirty filters

Clogged and dirty filters reduce the air inflow and force the furnace to work harder. The filter should be inspected and replaced with a new one.

  • Furnace wear and tear

The normal furnace wearing and tearing can cause air inflow issues, overheating, or even total failure. The furnace should regularly be inspected and all worn-out parts replaced on time.

  • Electric ignition problems

Faulty pilot or ignition system can compromise the ability of a furnace to heat a home. It is advisable to have an emergency expert look at the ignition system and fix it immediately.

  • Blocked ducts

If your furnace has taken a lot of time without being inspected and repaired, the ducts might be fully or partially blocked. Insects, rodents, and debris can accumulate and block the system. The system has to be inspected and ducts cleaned by a professional.

  • Damaged ducts

If the furnace has been in use for a long time, it is possible for some parts such as the ducts to get damaged. An expert should be called to inspect the ducts and carry repairs to restore their efficiency. If the damage was too much, a replacement might be necessary.

  • Damaged thermostat

A malfunctioning thermostat can cause serious fan issues and compromise the effectiveness of the furnace. The thermostat should be replaced by a professional.

  • The furnace failing to heat (no heating at all)

When the thermostat does not heat at all, the chances are that the pilot light, gas, power, or settings in the thermostat are faulty. The issue should be comprehensively diagnosed by a professional.

  • The furnace failing to amply heat the house

This problem can be caused by a clogged filter, a blocked duct, or damaged thermostat. An expert should review the entire system immediately to identify and fix the issue.

  • Furnace frequent cycling

If the furnace is getting on and off regularly, the thermostat might be damaged. A clogged filter can also cause the problem and, will require an expert to reset the system.

  • The furnace blower running continuously without stopping

The possible cause of this problem is a problem in the system’s limit switch. It has to be replaced by a professional.

  • Funny noises from the furnace

If you note funny noises such as rumbling, rattling or squeaking, it means that there is a problem with the blower. The noises could also point to a clogged burner or airflow reduction. You need to contact an expert for further diagnosis and repair.

  • Bad smell getting blown into the house

If the ducts are dirty or have been invaded by pests, the air getting into the house might have a foul smell. The ducts need to be cleaned or replaced altogether.

  • Propane gas feed issues

The feed issue can arise when the gas pressure regulator malfunctions. If you suspect there is such a problem; you need to contact the seller (in case the warranty is still active) or look for a professional to fix it.

  • Furnace Mechanical problems

If your finance is gas-fired, the internal combustion system is likely to get issues just like a car. Mechanical problems can arise from the system running for a long time or internal parts getting damaged. It is very important to contact an expert for comprehensive checkup and repair.

  • The furnace starts blowing cold air into the house

If the furnace suddenly starts blowing cold air, it means the system is faulty. This can be caused by the thermocouple related issues. The system required specialized attention.

  • Furnace Gas Leak

Among the 20 common furnace problems and repairs, gas leak is perhaps the most dangerous. This problem can happen when the feeder gas pipes are loose or faulty. It should be addressed by a professional as an emergency.

  • Water pooling around the furnace

If you get water pooling around the furnace, the cause could be a clogged condensate line. It should be fixed by a professional as immediately as possible.

  • Very high power bills

If you notice the power bill for the furnace is suspiciously high, the chances are that the system is faulty. For example, a clogged filter might be forcing the system to work extra hard and consuming more power. It is important to have the system checked by a professional to establish the problem.

  • Old age

Most furnaces are designed with a lifespan of about 20 years when maintained properly. However, most of them start failing earlier because of poor maintenance. If the furnace is old and failing, it will need a replacement.




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