No Heat From Your Gas Furnace ?

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No Heat Emitting From Your Gas Furnace?


Is your gas furnace emitting no heat? Do you only feel a blast of cold air? This could be due to a number of reasons, including many possibilities you may be able to figure out yourself without needing a technician or service professional. Below, you’ll find a list of regular occurring problems with gas furnaces along with descriptive solutions. No heat? No problem!

The Thermostat isn’t Working Correctly

First step is to make sure your thermostat has been set to the “heat” option instead of, “cool” and double check that your fan has been turned to “auto.” Next, ensure the thermostat has been adjusted to a high enough temperature in order to activate the furnace and expend heat.

If these steps have been properly adjusted, and you’re still experiencing no heat, double check that your furnace is receiving power by checking the batteries, circuits and fuses. You should also check the cleanliness of the interior parts, as debris and dust particles within the thermostat may cause the appliance to malfunction. If this is the issue, it’s usually a simple fix, however in a few cases, certain types of malfunctioning of the thermostat may need replacement or technical adjustment.

The Furnace isn’t Receiving Power.

If you feel no heat coming from your furnace, make sure it’s receiving power. Double check all fuses as well as circuit breakers. Finally, check to make sure the emergency power switch is still on.

Required Reset

It is likely that your furnace includes a reset button. It will probably be a red coloured button, located either at the front, on the side or at the back of the furnace.) If you locate the reset button, press it. Wait to listen for the furnace powering up. Once this happens, you should experience warm air radiating from the furnace again. This is sometimes a one trick fixes all solution.

The Furnace Door Cover Has Been Left Open

There is a possibility that no heat is a result of your furnace door being left open or that it hasn’t been closed properly. This is especially possible if you have changed the furnace filter recently.

If you find that your door hasn’t been closed, ensure you shut the cover of the furnace door properly in order to fix this issue.

Dirty Filter

A very common cause for no heat radiating from furnaces is dirty filters. The dirt on a furnace filter easily restricts the air from traveling through the furnace, resulting in overheating.

To investigate this possibility, all you must do is change the furnace filter and reset the furnace by pressing the red reset button. After these steps are taken, the furnace will begin releasing hot air!

To avoid this problem, as well as other more serious and expensive issues, we recommend you regularly change the furnace filters (some experts suggest changing filters once every month.)

Pilot Light is Extinguished

If your furnace is an older model and has a pilot light, there’s a possibility that the light is out. In order to check that this is the reasoning for no heat coming from your furnace, you may first verify that it is off. After that, you must turn off the gas valve and wait for approximately five minutes. Then, switch the valve to the pilot position while holding a lit match or lighter towards the pilot opening, all the while, holding down the reset button for roughly thirty seconds. (If you do not see a the pilot light ignite, repeat these steps after waiting 2-3 minutes, however this time, holding down the reset button for 50-60 seconds) As soon as you see the pilot light has turned on, you may switch the gas valve to the original on position. In the case that you’re still experiencing difficulties and the light won’t turn on, the thermocouple or possibly ignition system may be experiencing issues. In this case, we recommend you contact an HVAC technician for assistance.

The Heating Registers May Be Closed

If you have kept a lot of heat registers shut, it can create a heat build up within your furnace which forces air to blow out of the duct leaks which depends on compensation from the blowers for the additional pressure, resulting in no heat emitted.

This blockage of heating vents requires unusually hard work from your furnace. It also creates a build-up of air pressure within the air ducts, either creating or worsening airflow leaks. Experts recommend homeowners keep 80% of more of heating registers ajar in order to avoid furnace air build-up.

Your Flame Sensor is Dirty

The job of a flame sensor is to protect your furnace from dangerous fuel burning, therefore an unwashed flame sensor might be the reason why your furnace isn’t functioning properly and your home is receiving no heat.

Usually, on most models, a flame sensor is a rod found at or close to the back end of your furnace, directly in line with the burner. In order to clean this sensor, you must turn off the furnace’s power (look for the breaker box.) After it has been shut off properly, you may deattach the sensor.

Gently clean the sensor in order to remove any particles. Then, you may re-connect the sensor, turn on the furnace’s power and wait for the hot air to come through. No heat no more!

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