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Your heating and cooling HVAC, ventilation and air conditioning system can make or break the liveability of your home. Without a reliable system that functions efficiently, you and your family could find yourselves in an environment that is too hot or too cold, where the air does not seem to circulate, and where people have a tendency to get sick and stay sick.

At Ideal Heating and Cooling, we do not merely look at your air ducts and furnaces. We look at your home and the people who live there, and we strive to give you a space that is safe, comfortable and enjoyable to be in. Our team of experts includes some of the most highly trained, experienced HVAC professionals in Canada, and we only work with products that offer the best quality and value for money.

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Brand New Aire-Flo Furnace By Lennox International

Brand New furnace or AC as low as $39.99 on Canada’s favorite Rent to Own program OR $2,500 up front. ( plus HST)

Includes installation and 10 years manufacturer warranty on parts and 20 years on heat exchanger.

We use industry leading brand Lennox with all Ontario rebates available to us.

Same price no matter what size, we will always install the best size for your house at no additional cost.

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    You contacted Ideal Heating and Cooling to invite them to your home to buy or lease at least one of the products selected (not for repair, an energy assessment, maintenance, or any other reason).

    Did you know that you may be eligible to receive up to $650 in heating & cooling rebates?
    Visit our rebate & incentives page to see all of the rebates currently available in Ontario.

    HVAC that is there for you, whatever the weather

    Canada’s extreme weather conditions create unique challenges when it comes to the ventilation, heating and cooling of a home.

    Ideal Heating and Cooling knows what it takes to keep a space comfortably warm during the depths of winter, and pleasantly cool during the hottest parts of the summer. Our HVAC systems will help you maintain the right temperature in your home at all times of the year, through humidity, rain and snow, without compromising on air quality or circulation. You will not be stuck with a furnace that fails you on the coldest day of the year, or a water heater that leaves you high and dry at the most inopportune moments.

    Thinking green for the future of the planet

    At Ideal Heating and Cooling, we do not only think of solutions to your immediate heating and cooling needs. We also think about what we can do to conserve natural resources and help the environment. We have a wide array of energy efficient products that are designed to help you save on your heating and cooling costs while also saving the earth. At the same time, our team of experts are always on hand to give you energy saving tips and tools, and information about government rebates on energy efficient products.

    Smart Homes TorontoLiving in Ontario means living with extreme temperature changes. Only those who live here can understand why we run indoors when it’s too cold. We understand the value of effective home heating systems just like any other Canadian community.

    If it’s a home heating system you have in mind, innovations like Precise Comfort® technology help Lennox® furnaces keep temperatures consistent, costs down, and home comfort way up. Also, our selection of home heating systems include options to harness solar energy, adapt to the local environment, reduce noise, increase efficiency, and reduce costs.

    So, if you want to remain comfortable inside your home throughout the year, it is critical that you find the right heating equipment. But not only the right heating system, but the right HVAC contractor who excels in equipment, installation, service, and maintenance. You want to deal with professionals who feel your home heating solution is just as important as theirs.

    Ideal Heating and Cooling is your go-to HVAC contractor when it comes to efficiently heating your home. We offer only the most advanced heating equipment from the most reputable manufacturers. We back our selected equipment with a professional assessment of your home comfort needs and the best-trained technicians in Canada. We strive to provide you with the HVAC service available in Canada.

    We invite you to allow us to deliver the heating comfort you and your family deserve. Give us a call at (647) 370-3773 and you will be glad you did.

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    Although Toronto is not known for its stifling heat, those of us who live here understand the importance of cooling their home. A quality air conditioner in Toronto can be just as important as a furnace or home heating system when the temperatures start to rise in late June and July. And with the sudden changes in temperatures, we understand the importance of having a trusted HVAC contractor for a quality air conditioner in Toronto.

    Ideal Heating and Cooling is you go-to HVAC contractor for an air conditioner in Toronto. We understand the critical nature of cooling your home during the warm days we experience in the summer. We also understand the importance of having consistent indoor temperatures for the protection of your home’s structure.

    We offer the most advanced Home Star quality equipment which will deliver optimal home cooling to keep your home comfortable even on the warmest of days. We also provide professional and friendly representatives who can assess your home needs and consult with you on the best possible cooling solution for your home. Additionally, we deliver the best trained service technicians Canada has to offer, so you will get quality installation and equipment service which will keep your air conditioner running efficiently for several years.

    So, we invite you to contact us to explore your cooling needs. We feel you will be comfortable with our recommendations. You will also be more than pleased with our cooling solution and the comfort that you and your family will enjoy. So call us today at (647) 370-3773 for a home cooling assessment.

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    A water heater in Toronto is an important appliance for you and your family’s home comfort. It is critical for cleaning dishes and laundry, and for cleaning yourself comfortably. How would we live without access to warm water every day?

    Navigating through the plethora of water heater options can be tricky. When choosing the proper solution, you must consider physical dimensions, capacity, energy source, efficiency, budget, environmental impact, and more. At IDEAL Home Comfort, we’ve researched the market to offer the best line of traditional and tank-less appliances. We are committed to providing water heaters which are of the highest quality and efficiency standard.
    Needs Assessment

    We start by determining the right water heater for you. Our trusted representative will assess your needs determined by the size of your home and the amount of warm water you need. Other factors including the number of bathrooms, size of family, number of teenagers, and more are considered before we make a recommendation.

    A cost analysis will determine if a purchase or water heater rental program would best fit your budget. Water heater rental programs are highly attractive to many of our customers seeking the best solution for a water heater in Toronto.
    A Name You Can Trust

    Whether you purchase or require a water heater rental solution, Ideal Heating and Cooling is your go-to contractor for an efficient water heater in Toronto. We provide professional and courteous treatment and the best technicians in Canada for installation and maintenance. You will be amazed at the level of service we provide.

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    For more information about how we can help you with your HVAC needs, call us today. Our representative will give you an estimate and some flexible options when it comes to either renting or owning your heating and cooling products.

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    We have been a customer of Ideal Heating and Cooling since December 2017. There were a few issues regarding the Water Heater and customer service within the first few months, however, since dealing with Vlad (Field Service Manager), the outcome has been nothing but positive! He has been very atte

    Bernard Andary, Vaughan


    I had Ashvin come by my house and explained me everything in detail. He is knowledgeable and polite person. Installation went great and everything working fine. I am enjoying my nest thermostat. I recommend Ideal home comfort. Great staff!! Thanks a lot...

    bharat rathod, Vaughan

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