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A Ideal Heating and Cooling ENERGY STAR certified boiler which is fueled by oil uses 4% less energy, and one which is fueled by gas uses 10% less energy on average than a standard boiler. Space heating is about 63% of your home energy use and provides the most opportunity for reducing your energy cost. Boilers that have received the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient title are the best in the marketplace – they are the most efficient and will save you the most energy and money.  Saving energy will also reduce your carbon footprint.

For more information about residential boilers or boiler rental, please call Ideal Heating and Cooling at (647) 370-3773


Residential Boiler’s Key Benefits

  • Reduces drafts and improves safety by sealed combustion which uses outside air to fuel burner
  • Extracts more heat from the same amount of fuel by new combustion technology
  • No need for continuous burning pilot light with electron ignition
  • Eliminates the need for duct system by distributing heat using radiators and in-floor radiant heat
  • Provides features like de-icing your driveway, heating pool, and providing heat for living space and water


Helpful Heating Tips

  • Ensure correct level of water in expansion tank
  • Vacuum radiators to avoid dust and dirt from accumulating
  • Bleed out the air from the radiators annually or semi-annually so they can fill completely with water
  • Cover the hot water pipes for insulation


The Ideal Heating and Cooling Promise

All our ENERGY STAR certified products are tested to meet stringent efficiency standards and are certified by an independent party. They perform as good as or better than standard residential boilers without reduction of performance in any way


Regulations Set the Energy Efficiency Minimum

Oil and gas residential boilers are subject to Canada’s Energy Efficiency Regulations, which set minimum performance levels for energy efficiency. Electric residential boilers are regulated if they are not equipped with tankless water heating coils. When that is the case, they must have a programmable means for adjusting the water temperature.


Residential Boiler Rental

Avoid maintenance fees and future repair costs by using the Ideal Heating and Cooling residential boiler rental plan. You will be able to enjoy the heating comfort of a residential boiler for one fixed cost and no hidden fees.

For more information about residential boilers or boiler rental, please call Ideal Heating and Cooling at (647) 370-3773

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