Water Heater Repair

Water Heater Repair Cost

Water heater is a critical part of the modern lifestyle. It is better to consider it a necessity than a luxury. This situation is evident at a time like now when temperatures in Canada are very low. You simply cannot imagine entering the washroom and the faucet splashes freezing water! To keep this necessity in the best shape, you need to take good care of it. It must be repaired on time. But how much would it cost to fix a water heater?

Your water heater is made of different parts that contribute to its efficiency. But the problems in some cases might be in hidden sections of the system. The best way to diagnose a water heater is asking a professional plumber to look at it. The location, age, and type of heater can influence the difficulty of repairs, type of repairs, and associated costs.

The average costs of fixing a water heater can be seen in three categories. If the problem is minor, the repair cost can be about $100 while the medium breakdown will require approximately $150. If the problem is major, the cost can be as high as $230.

Costs for repairing residential and business water heaters

Based on the nature of the business, the location of the water heater, size, and type can influence the nature of repairs. Some commercial enterprises opt to use small appliances to provide water for common cleaning and washroom usage. However, larger businesses usually go for substantial or multiple water heaters. Though the cost of fixing water heaters in business may vary by a great margin, the average is approximately $210.

For apartments, the water heaters are mainly located on a central utility section. Fixing such centralized water heaters will cost approximately $165. Unlike the apartments and apartment water heating units, the model used in single family homes is simpler and easily accessible. This means the associated cost to fix it is also low. It will cost you approximately $150 to fix.

The size of the water heater

The size of the water heater can also influence the nature of repairs and associated costs. The larger the size of the heater, accessing, emptying, and maneuvering becomes very difficult. On average, a 30 gallons tank heater will cost approximately $125 while a bigger one of 50 gallons would cost $171.

For houses with tankless water heaters, the water is heated on demand. The design of the tank and heaters will determine the cost of repairs. The average cost of fixing such heaters is $139.

The type of water heater issues

It is crucial to understand issues that you have noted with the water heater to assist the plumber to diagnose the main problem. Common leaks can be fixed at an average of $110 depending on the location of the leak. If you note funny sounds from the heater, it means that the pressure regulator or performance needs fixing at the cost of $119. If your water heater has stopped functioning completely, the cost of fixing it will be approximately $144 compared to $130 for those that have pilot lights on the gas unit.

The sources of heat

The type of fuel used to heat water in the system can be an indicator of the complexity and expenses. If your system uses an electric heater, it can be serviced at the cost of $124. However, how much would it cost to fix water heater fired by propane? A natural gas heater would require about $150 while a propane fired-eater heater would cost the lowest amount of $133. The nature of the wiring, ventilation, fuel supply line and repair techniques would all contribute to the overall cost.

When looking for water heater repairs, it is important to appreciate that the nature of the issue, the model of the unit, and location would all contribute in determining the overall cost. Make sure to work with a plumber to plan, budget, and repair the facility professionally.

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