Replace A Circuit Board In A Furnace

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Circuit Board In A Furnace?

The circuit board in a furnace is the core that defines how effectively the system operates. It controls the heating units and furnaces in the system. To put it differently, the circuit board is the heart of the furnace. When it malfunctions, it means the entire furnace will not work. All the controls get compromised. Therefore, how much does it cost to replace a circuit board in a furnace?

The cost of replacing a circuit board in a furnace depends on several factors. First, people with very advanced furnaces should expect to pay more for the circuit boards compared to the standard models. Second, using a professional contractor to replace the circuit board will cost more than the DIY (do-it-yourself) option.

The overall cost of replacing the circuit board in a furnace

Before you can start working on replacing the circuit board in a furnace, it is important to confirm that it is faulty. This diagnosis can only be done by a professional because there are not very many variables to look for. Many company technicians will charge around $40-$50 to make a trip to your home for diagnosis.

Once the board has been diagnosed as faulty and need for a replacement recommended, think of whether you want to do it on your own or hire a contractor.

How much does it cost to replace a circuit board in a furnace with help or a professional?

The circuit board in a furnace is a very complex part that should be handled by professionals. The experts have all the tools to install and test the effectiveness of the circuit board in controlling every part of the furnace.

The good thing about the experts is that they understand the models, power rating, and all the logistics involved in the replacement. They have all the skills and experience to deliver the best.

An expert HVAC professional will charge between $400 and $650 to install a new circuit board in a furnace. Note that this is the cost of both the board and labor.

The cost of replacing the circuit board on a DIY (do-it-yourself) basis

For a DIY type of homeowner, it is still possible to replace the circuit board and make it operate optimally. The first thing is buying the circuit board which will cost between $50 and $250 depending on the type and where you are buying from. If you opt to buy online, it will be cheaper.

You should appreciate that buying online takes time before delivery can be made. This means it is not a good option when the circuit board requires urgent replacement. If you are convinced that DIY is the best option, here is the procedure to replace the circuit board;

  • Unplug the furnace. Consider taking a clear photo so that you can verify the wiring after the task.
  • Remove all the screw holding the board.
  • Detach all the wires from the board.
  • Insert the new board.
  • Attach the wires just like they were on the old board.
  • Verify the wiring.
  • Plug the furnace back and test it.

The final take

When the circuit board in your furnace gets damaged, it compromises the entire system’s efficiency. While the question of how much does it cost to replace a circuit board in a furnace runs through the mind, it is very tempting to consider DIY. However, the better option is getting a professional with all the skills and experience to replace the circuit board.

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