Cost to Hire Annual Air Conditioner Maintenance?

Cost To Service An AC

Winter season is fading away, and the warmth of summer will finally take over. The summer temperatures will make the air conditioner a crucial necessity to keep the home healthy and comfortable. Therefore, if you suddenly find the fan is not working or the system won’t start; it is prudent to seek help from an AC expert. Well, one question that runs through the mind of every homeowner is; how much does it cost to service an AC?

In the heart of summer, many people rarely have time to check for quotes or compare companies’ offers when their ACs develop problems. This post outlines several price ranges you should anticipate to avoid getting surprised when the expert finally shows up.

Detecting and repairing refrigerant leak

Based on the accessibility of the leak, whether a test is necessary or not, and if repair is actually needed, the cost of detecting and repairing will range between $150 and $500. Note that accessibility of the leaking section by the technician is a prime factor when drawing the quotation. In the event you are unsure about it, do not hesitate to ask for a walk through with the help of the repair technician.

The AC circuit board replacement

When the problem of the A/C goes beyond the system, the circuit board might be damaged. To replace the circuit board, the cost will depend on the AC design. The price and installation of a new circuit board might cost you between $450 and $1350.

Replacing a faulty thermostat

If the thermostat is faulty and requires replacement, the cost will depend on the model. A modern smart Wi-Fi thermostat will cost you less compared to the traditional designs. Depending on the model, a homeowner should expect to pay from $200 to $550 for the thermostat and installation. For those installing the latest models of thermostats, it is possible to get the purchase price back via the energy management saving.

Replacing the contactor or capacitor

For homeowners who want to repair their older air conditioners as opposed to buying entirely new systems, a new capacitor could do the trick. Such a capacitor will cost between $250 and $350. You could also go for a contactor that costs between $150 and $300. These repairs are very common for most air conditioning systems.

The AC fan motor replacement

If the AC fan motor is faulty, it is always a great idea to compare pros and cons of repairing to replacing. If you opt to replace the fan motor, the cost will range between $500 and $1200 depending on the model.

An important note about AC repair under warranty

If your AC is still under the manufacturer’s warranty, there are still some costs you will have to meet. There is a general perception that when equipment is covered by a warranty, the manufacturer is in charge of everything. This is a misconception.

In many cases, you will require some ancillary materials and supplies such as copper fittings and refrigerant not included in the warranty. Besides, you will have to pay for labor-related costs unless the warranty covers it. It is very rare for manufacturers to include labor costs in their warranties.

Take note that the costs we have included above capture the latest ratings and are bound to change over time. It is possible to get technicians who charge more or less depending on the AC issue, the climate in your city, type of AC, and state of the warranty.

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